Sunday, November 23, 2008

November the second last month of the year

Now I am here to say about November. The eleventh month of the year which brings us to almost the second last month of another year that is passing from our lives. Thanks God still we are happy and living under God's blesses, which makes us hopeful for better life. This november was I think of the most annoying, and most crouded november of my life. The world crisis, the Dubai Fireworks, The US historic Election, The release of CBC Melissa Fung, The Bankruptcy, The finding of new galaxy ..The......The.......... and The...
Is this always like this in the world and I never realized, or is it I am just waking up, and seeing all these things ? well maybe "this is how life was suppose to be"
Anyways, with all these things happening in the world, and things going on arround us, we must thanks God always. The most important part of living is to live happy and to survive. Being blessed always doesn't mean to live on the top of the world; well ofcourse it does, but living happy, with friends, and families, with someone you love, and with respect,,, thats called being blessed too; and thats HOW I LIVE.

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