Monday, October 06, 2008

Euorope Tour

OK, Now I am back to say something for my lonely page.
After all this waiting and waiting I got to see all my family; people I haven't seen them in all my life, or I haven't seen them for long long time. After Euorope tour, I am in Neitherlands, and soon back to Germany. I had the best time with everyone, but the most important part of this trip was to forget my past life and start a new one with Love, Laugh, and Life. Well, here I must add that, "It's impossible to forget past, you can live without past but you can't forget it. "
I will be back to Canada soon and I will have the same life that I had. I realy dont kow what I am writing here,....lets just leave ittttttttttt like this.

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