Sunday, December 21, 2008

Life has Ups and Downs, Its you how you handle it

Yeap, this is me and this is the final chapter for 2008; the final journey that will be published on my blog ( maybe :) ) .
2008 was kind of a good year for me. Start was OK, and as I was going through it, it was looking weird to me. I had things going on in my life, and there were big things happen to me. Yes, Big things. I can't name them all, but sure enough "Big Things" that I am writing an article about it here on my page. Some of them were good and some of them were not that a good to be remembered; but there is something now I have learned, that This is life, and life has ups and downs, its me how I handle it. Of course I have learned alot from it, but the good part of these "things" is that I am all OK, happy and living with my lovable family and friends. Everyone seems happy just as happy as I am, and that is my goal to see everyone happy. Not to forget at the end to mention that in the past three day we had over 50 cm snow, which makes me what ?.. sooooo happy :). Yes Of course happy white everywhere, and very nice to start my new year of 2009 with white, bright, and good looking year; and I am wishing you everyone a very happy and very enjoyable holidays with starting a very successful year.
Wish you all the best !
~ A . J . A~

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Anonymous said...

Hi: Hope you are doing well and will be with best of health. First of all i would like to appreciate your web log its really interesting but i think there is alot of work in it to be done by you. I myself an Afghan and proud to be an Afghan. wish you best of luck through out your life.
Zindabad Afghanistan
Abdul Basit: