Thursday, May 24, 2007

THE HOUR With George Stroumboulopoulos

I was interviewing George Stroumboulopoulos the host of TV show on CBC called: THE HOUR. This guy is absolutly genius. His show is Canada's Number One TV show, and I really like to watch it. His show is so real, and he is not afraid to ask anything he want when he interviews someone else, not even swearing. The reason I put this picture here is, because this is one of my favorite interviews in my life I ever had, so I thought to share it.


Allan said...

The Hour is the #1 show in Canada?


Why interview if you're just going to make stuff up.

check the action of your boy Gorge here ...

Great picture of you and The One.

ajmal said...

Dear Allan,
FIrst of all I would like to thank you for commenting on my blog (
But I didn't get what you asking me for.
If you are asking me why do I like The Hour? The answer is that I like it because It is real. Also I like it, because He is not afraid to intervie anyone, and question anything, even "Big" people. (if u kno wat i mean). Also I did interview Goerge himself and I have some new Pics with him and I will post them up in my blog soon. Goerge is not my Life Hero, but he is a successful man, and I addmit that. I hope I said all what you needed to know.
Your friend, Ajmal

Anonymous said...

Ajmal: Ignore Allan. Like what YOU like. Don't worry about other people think.

ajmal said...

Yes, I am not worried at all. Thanks for your comments.