Monday, May 14, 2007


I don't know what to say about Mom. Everyone knows who Mom is, and how special person is Mom in life. My Mom is the greatest Mom in this world. My Mom is the number one Mom in the world. My Mom is everything. She loves me even when I go crazy. :) She showed me how much she cares about me. She thought me everything. If I want to describe you Mom, I don't think I can write it down in thousonds pages. But one thing I want you to know Mom, that you are always in my heart. Pray for you from bottom of my heart.

I love you Mom for everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....


Jawid said...

sallam brother.
hay I love this topic of your, you wrote so common and very touchable to heart about Mom, and ofcourse your mom see this page of your weblog.... wonderfull buddy keep it up.
and this is my weblog.

ajmal said...

Thanks Jawid jan brother. She is my Mom, she is worth much more than what I write for her.
thnx for your comments.

Ebtihaj said...

Hi dear,
hope u r all fine and well doing with ur studies.
i got through ur blog through ur firends blog and found it very interesting.
May Allah always help u.
vidit me @ or