Monday, May 11, 2009

Scars/ Heart/ Hurt

Oh Well, Once again just like always wanted to say something to my lonely page. Hopefully tonight I am able to say something. Well, before I even start saying anything, I must admit, that the more I get heavyhearted, the more I remember what life i have been live all this time. Does that something that happens to every one of you ? Could you just write a comment and let me know. What makes me heartbroken is not whats happening around me or to me; in-fact its me whose making it hard and making it a deal and then it turns me into a whole new world of thoughts, and dreams. Let me ask something; Have you ever been hurt and when the place tries to heal a bit then you just pull the scars off of it over and over again? I guess that's what makes life harder, because you never let it heal, well mind you that that is my nature to do so; which means that's what I do always. I tried many times not to have anymore wholes in my heart, because there is no more blood lift and there is no more power lift for my heart to pump blood, but still I am giving. Maybe I am a giver, without noticing it that I am already hurt. Maybe I enjoy hurtful life, or maybe I was born to be hurt. Will my scars one day heal ?

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