Thursday, February 21, 2008

Life was not suppose to be easy

I used to say that, but now I am writing a topic about it.
YEs, " Life was not suppose to be easy "

If we were to live always easy, and got always everything we needed, then we would never enjoyed our lives as much as we should. The good thing about life is, that one day its down and one day it is up. If we don't go down, then we would never know that we are up. Anyone you meet in this world, they have some kind of problem, and everyone says that their problem is the biggest than anyone else, but the fact is, that they never think this is how life is, and this is how we suppose to live. This is a part of our mession to complete the whole idea of living. On the other hand, by solving life's journey we know that we are alive and we call it " Life", otherwise we would be dead the way that even we wouldn't know.
In this topic, if I were to write, I could write pages and pages, but never finished the topic. I just mentioned a paragraph about it, and if you are with me then share you thought with others now. (post your comments)

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