Thursday, September 28, 2006

Like the wind

A bird, once high in the sky
So proud, so gentle, so nice
You came and caught her, why
You made her heart to melt
Only she knew how it felt

But yours is still as cold as ice

A bird locked in the cage
Most beautiful on the earth
It can get you on every age
It’s when angels come down on earth
That is what they tell
But it turned my life into hell

The bird keeps singing
Her tears fall into the sea
You go ahead with smiling
Standing far, but oh so near
Waiting for the words she heard, once
Your answer is silence

Don’t know where I belong
Standing alone on the highway
I can not wait for long
Birds always fly away
Time is the only thing I need

I am just like the wind

By: Suzanna Homayun


AB.MB.MSB said...
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AB.MB.MSB said...

dont know what to sya but can stop either. this is a exotic poem. Nobody really can understand what a bird really says; howevere, the paralelism is done to humans which is a wonderful represention. Finaly,i would say good job and keep up.

ajmal said...

Thanks MSN bro. This is my causin's poem. So you can ask her what this bird really says.:)