Saturday, August 25, 2007

I don't have antything anymore

Yea,Today August 24, 2007. When I was coming from Lawrence Ave west, Toronto to Burlington (home), I lost my three notebooks. One small, one big, and one bigger. All my Dari poems was written in big notebook, and all my memorable poems from ten years ago, even from when I started to write poems in my language, all of them was writting there. I lost it and I lost it and I lost it. They worth not even a penny for anyone who finds it, especially for none Persian spokers, but honestly, they worht for me hundreds of thousands dollars. I will give a big prize anyone who finds it, but I won't forget it all my life if I don't. At last I am thinking, "it's OK I lost them, maybe they weren't suppose to be with me anymore after one decade...or maybe ..." what else can I say ?

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